The Network of the Musical Theatre Companies in the Multilingual East-Central Europe. An Essentially International Genre and Its Repertoire in the Service of Nation–building. (Sources and Common Methods in the Processing of the Historical Source-material. Budapest, HAS Institute for Musicology of the Research Centre for the Humanities

The aim of the open workshops organized in Budapest by the Department for Hungarian Music History of the Institute for Musicology, RCH, HAS was to deepen cooperation launched under the project and the discussion of topics formulated in the framework of the project. The first meeting of participants was held halfway through the period of the tender (Marcj) because this way we had a six month period at our disposal to clarify by online consultation the occurring issues and to prepare the meeting and the thematic concert. By the time of the workshop certain work stages were already completed, others (bibliographical database, source studies) were still in progress. The issues raised at the workshop were: (1) the sources of musical theatre in the period of 1870–1920 and their processing; (2) the regional network: touring ensembles, repertoire, music trade; (3) the output of the project: discussion on structure of the regional source database, the concept of the publication concluding the project, the plans of a complex database of musical theatre to be elaborated as the continuation of the project.

An important objective of the workshops was to explore the circulation and the routes of the musical repertoire in the East-Central European region and to offer a survey of the network of music theatrical companies. These routes transcended the respective national boundaries and connected areas with a pronouncedly different cultural background, such as the countries in the area of the former Yugoslavia and in the West Balkans. As a leading authority of this research field, Tatjana Markovic, the guest lecturer of the workshop, examined the foundation of national theatres and elaborated the context in the history of ideas in which this process took place, further she analysed the specific musical realization of the national idea in the form of the national operas.

Three workshops were held during the project. The first workshop was on the 26th—28th March 2018. This included the following: short introduction of the members, discussion on bibliography and source databases (meeting with the IT manage), concert program (meeting with Ingrid Kertesi soprano), planning the next workshop and the future of the project (directions of expanding the research field). During the three days, the guests visited the Music collection of the National Széchényi Library. The second workshop was held on the 28th—29th of May 2018, Budapest, Hungary. This time the participatns presented papers, followed by discussions and further planning. (The abstracts are available here.) The third workshop was on the 18th—19th June 2018.