Closed Exhibitions in the Museum of Music History

Hungarian music and fine art - Selection from the Collection of the Museum of Music History

Exhibition in the 1st room of the Museum of Music History

Curator: Zsófia BORZ


The exhibition is open: From 16 May 2019 to 10 September 2020 EXTENDED to 26 October 2020




Due to the interplay of visual and musical art, a number of works have been created in the field of fine arts which are of outstanding worth both in art history and music history. The portraits depicting representatives of the musical life (representative paintings, statues, replicated drawings or medals) are integral parts of Hungarian portraiture.

The art collection of the Museum of Music History is mostly made up of portraits witnessing the artists’ cult that had been characteristic throughout Europe during the Romantic era, but only started to bloom during the second half of the nineteenth century in Hungary. Beside these portraits, the relationship between musicians and artists is also shown by further musically themed depictions as well as still lifes and landscapes originating from the estates of musicians. Twentieth century music was reflected in the fine arts with the latest techniques and in the newest genres, in line with modern technical innovations and novel ideas.

The exhibition has seven parts, covering the following topics: Beethoven Cult in Hungary, Hungarian Opera, Portraits from Hungarian Musical Institutions, Musical Scenes, “Hungarian Music is the Rhythm of Hungarian Life...”, The Meeting of Musicians and Artists, and Bartók in the Fine Arts.

Curator: BORZ Zsófia

Co-curator: BARANYI Anna

Restorers: GERŐ Péter, HERNÁDI György, TOMBOR Krisztián

Exhibition layout: BOROS Viktória

Execution: GERŐ Péter, HAJSZ Viktor





 Pictures of the opening ceremony:


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 Pictures of the exhibition: