Last year we celebrated the 50th anniversary of the initiative that came to be a new wave of Hungarian folk dance and music revival, the Táncház (dance house) movement. In honour of the movement’s first half-century, the Institute for Musicology RCH, Budapest and the Institute of Ethnomusicology ZRC SAZU are organising a conference on folk music and folk dance studies. Paper abstracts (not exceeding 300 words) are welcome from applicants in this subject area, with particular emphasis on the following:


(a) the institutionalisation and institutional network of the táncház movement, developed over the last fifty years;

(b) the ideological and aesthetic background of the movement;

(c) the movement’s relationship with national and international research on folk music and folk dance;

(d) the status of the movement within the history of folk revivals in Hungary and abroad

(e) the internationalisation of the movement, including the ethnic Hungarian communities in the neighbouring countries, the Hungarian diaspora, and non-Hungarian revival initiatives based on the táncház model.


We intend to publish the presented papers in a conference volume.


Applications (with abstracts of 20-minute papers) are welcome until 31 March 2023 at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Conference venue and time:

Bartók Hall, Institute for Musicology (Budapest I, Táncsics M. u. 7.)

23 May 2023.


Organised by:

Pál Richter

Drago Kunej

Soma Salamon

Zoltán Karácsony


Download the Call of paper in PDF format.