The Budapest Bartók Archives

The Budapest Bartók Archives (in Hungarian: Bartók Archívum) has two functions. It is a central collection of Bartókiana, from primary sources to secondary literature; and at the same time a research institute, a meeting point of international Bartók studies on the life and work of the Hungarian composer, pianist, and ethnomusicologist Béla Bartók (1881–1945).

As a counterpart to Bartók’s estate in the USA, the Budapest Bartók Archives was based on the composer’s manuscripts and library left behind in Hungary. In addition to keeping the second largest collection of compositional autographs, the Archives has a significant collection of documents belonging to his folk-music studies, part of Bartók’s personal library (printed music, books, and periodicals), correspondence, and personal collections (concert programs, newspaper clippings, photos, etc.). 

Bartók Archívum