1. Manuscripts of compositions: ca. 100 manuscripts, 30 corrected proofs of first editions, furthermore corrected printed copies, MS orchestral parts, etc.; in detail see Somfai, Béla Bartók: Composition, Concepts, and Autograph Sources (cf. Publications)

2. Folk-music collections: (a) phonograph cylinders of the Arabic collection; (b) manuscripts of the transcriptions of Bartók’s Rumanian, Arabic, Turkish collections, and of the gramophone recordings of Hungarian folk music; (c) printed collections with Bartók’s annotations
N.B. For transcriptions and recordings of the folksongs in the Bartók-System click here.

3. Ethnomusicological studies: drafts, manuscripts, corrected proofs of Bartók’s books and studies

4. Manuscripts of Bartók’s essays and articles

5. Bartók’s correspondence (original and photocopies)

6. Bartók’s library: (a) books; (b) periodicals; (c) printed music (NB: substantial parts of the library are kept in the collections of the Bartók heirs)

7. Miscellany: programs, newspaper clippings, photos, and miscellaneous papers

8. Bartók reference library: (a) books; (b) printed music (from first editions to recent editions); (c) recordings; (d) dissertations