Auxiliary library


The basis for the Early Music Department’s auxiliary library was that of the former Melodic History Group, which covered general historical, liturgical and medievalist literature, some basic works on folk music, hymnals, repertories and manuscript catalogues, as well as international specialist research works on Gregorian chant. The direction in which it expanded has been strongly influenced by the narrower research fields of the group members, their chosen projects (such as medieval Hungarian musical sources, office research, graduals, music theory, etc.), and their contacts abroad. The library has recently been augmented by works from the library of Benjamin Rajeczky. However, the book bequest of László Dobszay and the personal library of Janka Szendrei went instead to the Church Music Faculty of the Academy of Music. The size of the auxiliary library rose in 2016 above the “psychologically” remarkable number of 1100 volumes.