The Rajeczky Bequest


The bequest of Benjamin Rajeczky, as a notable figure from the town of Pásztó, is held by the Pásztó Museum, which also has a Memorial Room dedicated to him.


There is further information in Hungarian on the website of the Pásztó Museum >


Rajeczky’s research tools (e. g. photographs), working materials (e.g . for Monumenta Monodica Medii Aevi V. Antiphons) and notes have joined the collections of the Department of Early Music.

Parts of Benjamin Rajeczky’s library can be found in the Library of the Institute of Musicology and parts in the Early Music Department. It has now become possible virtually, if not physically, to reunite the known materials from Rajeczky’s library, and a catalogue is being prepared.

The catalogue of the Rajeczky Bequest >