Exhibitions in the Museum of Music History

Inspired by Bartókkiallitas profilkep

Exhibition in the room 7th of the Museum of Music History

Curator: Zsófia BORZ


The exhibition is open: From 29 September 2022 to 29 Spetember 2024



A composer can be commemorated in different ways: by recalling his or her life or by presenting stages of his or her work. This exhibition aims to present works of art inspired by Béla Bartók.

How can a musical genius inspire artists? The starting point for reception can be, firstly, Bartók’s music, where the work of art is made while listening to the music, or, secondly, the musical harmonies that create the state of mind that later leads the painter or sculptor to create. Bartók’s letters are also a source of inspiration. Some are captivated by the composer’s erudition, his instinct, his modernity, or even his attachment to folk art.

Several artists have been drawn into a ‘microcosm’ of the composer, which led them to express their vision of Bartók’s oeuvre in their objects for the 1981 and 1995 anniversaries. The subject has endless interpretative possibilities, Bartók’s art can be a ‘pure source’ of works in countless ways. The special feature of the exhibition is to evoke the diversity of Bartók’s world through a variety of genres (mail art, sculpture, painting, récup’art, paper relief) and hommage-like works.



Curator: BORZ Zsófia

Contributors: BARANYI Anna, GOMBOS László, GÖMÖRI-CSONKA Szilvia

Translator: Malcolm SHARPS

Restorer: OROSZ Katalin

Design: InnoTeq Kft.


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