Exhibitions in the Museum of Music History

The Workshop of the Sasvári Piano HallSasvari kat cimlap

Exhibition in the 3th A room of the Museum of Music History

Curator: Anna BARANYI


The exhibition is open: From 1 October 2016  



The Sasvári Piano Hall was founded in 1923 by Antal Sasvári Sr (1895–1967); it was later inherited by his son Antal Sasvári (1918–2007) and his grandson Antal Sasvári Jr (1953–2016), respectively. The company’s first place of business was located at today’s Móricz Zsigmond Square, then it was moved to 21, Erzsébet körút. In the first workshop they mostly dealt with shortening and repairing of long pianos. During the 1980s, their main activity consisted in the renovation of upright pianos. In parallel, they renovated high-quality English mechanism pianos, especially instruments produced by Bösendorfer, Blüthner, and Steinway.

In our exhibition, featuring the workshop of the nearly 100-year-old Sasvári Piano Hall, tools and spare parts used for the repair and the maintenance of pianos are displayed, as well as documents concerning the history of the workshop: master letters, photographs, contemporary visiting cards, and advertisements.


Pictures of the exhibition:

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Pictures of the opening ceremony:


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