Exoticism, Orientalism and National Identity in Musical Theatre
International Musicological Conference on the Centenary of the Death of Karl Goldmark (11-12 December 2015)


Program of the conference, abstracts, biographies of speakers

Video recordings of the papers on videotorium.hu:

Pál Richter (Director of the Institute of Musicology RCH HAS): Opening of the conference

Richard Taruskin: Teeth Will Be Provided: On Signifiers (Keynote)

David Brodbeck: Heimat Is Where the Heart Is; or, How Hungarian was Goldmark?

Jane Roper: Goldmark’s ‘Wild Amazons’. Drama and Exoticism in the Penthesilea  Overture (1879)

Markian Prokopovych: Calls of Fatherland. Karl Goldmark and the New Public of the Budapest Opera House, 1916

Ryszard Daniel Golianek: Polenblut. Images of Poland and the Poles in German operetta

William A. Everett: Imagining China in London Musical Theatre during the 1890s. The Geisha and San Toy

Anastasia Belina-Johnson – Derek B. Scott: Jewish Creative Artists and the Development of Operetta as Cosmopolitan Genre

Imre  Kovács: Liszt’s Hungaro-European Synthesis. Comments Relating to the Cultural-Historical Context of The Three Holy Kings  March of the Christus Oratorio

Arthur Kaptainis: Negotiating Identity: Goldmark’s Die Königin von Saba and its Critics

Ingeborg Zechner: Orientalismus als Kategorie des Komischen. Le Caïd von Ambroise Thomas

Christina Michael: Manos Hadjidakis’ Early Compositions for Contemporary Greek Theatre (1946-1965): Hellenicity at Stake

Verena Mogl: An Impossible Remembrance. Mieczysław Weinberg’s Opera Passažirka op. 97

Lisa Feurzeig: Exotic, Modern, Vulgar: How Austria-Hungary Perceived America, through Kálmán’s Herzogin von Chicago in 1928 and 2004

George Burrows: Lute Song as Oriental Phantasy. Raymond Scott and Jewish-American Identity

Susanne Scheiblhofer: Tomorrow Belongs To Me: The Journey of a Show Tune from Broadway to Rechtsrock

Tatjana Marković: Ottoman Legacy and Oriental Self in Serbian Opera

Lauma Mellēna-Bartkeviča: Representations of National Identity in Opera: Latvian Case

Jiří Kopecký: Karl Goldmark and Czech National Opera. The Final Operas of Antonín Dvořák and Zdeněk Fibich

Ferenc János Szabó: Eroticism and Exoticism in Performance Style. Elza Szamosi, an Exotic Femme Fatale

Marc Brooks: (In)visible Identities: Homosexuality, Jewishness, and Masculinity in Zemlinsky’s Der König Kandaules

Thomas Aigner: Zur Entstehungs- und Fassungsgeschichte von Karl Goldmarks Erstlingsoper Die Königin von Saba

Peter P. Pachl: Das Heimchen am Herd. Goldmarks Beitrag zum Genre Märchenoper am Ende des 19. im Übergang zum 20. Jahrhundert

Branko Ladič: Karl Goldmark und seine späten Opernwerke