Research Service at the Folk Music and Folk Dance Archives of the Institute for Musicology

 Felhívjuk figyelmüket, hogy a Népzenei Archívum kutatószolgálata ideiglenesen szünetel, a megértésüket köszönjük!


If you intend to conduct research at our facility, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Our staff will be pleased to help you with the necessary administration. Before you visit us in person, please make an appointment in advance.


To do on-site research, or to obtain temporary researcher rights on the interface Hungaricana – Folk Music Collection of the Institute for Musicology RCH HAS, you need to fill out the Research Permission. Copies of documents preserved at the Institute for Musicology’s Folk Music and Folk Dance Archives can be obtained – under specific conditions – by completing the Request form to obtain the permission to publish/reproduce.


Should you need copies of documents from the Folk Dance Archives, please consult the online Knowledge Base of Traditional Dances first. When submitting your request, make sure to indicate the archival numbers of the documents you wish to use.